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Paint protection

Same day service

We use SunTek paint protection film

Do you want to protect your vehicle's paint and keep it looking good?

You can stop in, have service and be on your way

SunTek paint protection film is invisible protection from damage caused by rocks,

salt, insects and other road debris.  It is a proprietary, self-healing top-coat that

is scratch and crack resistant.  It comes in a high-gloss finish with superior optical

clarity. It is almost invisible on dark colored vehicles.

Say goodbye to leather bras and attached bug deflectors!

Our paint protection film enhances the quality of your vehicle, maintaining a high

gloss for the life of the product without yellowing.  We provide the road traveler

with the finest choice for keeping the vehicles' painted finish in prime condition

with an unrivaled combination of clarity and protection.  

Protect and enhance your vehicle

• Abrasions

• Nicks

• Scratches

• Small road debris

• Winter sand and salt

• Insects

• Car window tinting

RV window tinting

Don’t let your vehicle show wear and tear.  Protect or improve your vehicle’s finish.

We deliver superior tinting products in an honest and upfront manner. We have

been providing excellence and quality workmanship since 1986.

Full warranty

Protect your vehicle’s finish

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